In the learning and practice of the Movements of Unity In Motion you will enlighten yourself by discovering, through the gradual transformation of your own body and your own sense of awareness, the meaning of true balance.
Within the practice, each vertebra is always encouraged to find its own angle of three-dimensional placement and extension, each Center is encouraged to open more and more through gentle movement that never uses force by contracting or stretching the body. It is the function of the Movements to remove all force, balanced movement being the absence of force. Thus, the Movements are not exercises to be repeated over and over again in order to push or mold the body into a certain shape or form, but ever changing experiences of increased unity inducing natural self-discovery.

Through practice, the Movements will gain more and more meaning for you unveiling, in seemingly endless layers of perfection, the unity that connects you with the pure Geometry of Balance. As your body becomes united, the “map of balance”, the system of forces that suspend your body in motion, will no longer be a mystery but a natural understanding of this wonder that we call our life.

The term “relationship of centering” will become very meaningful to you as you begin to realize that what you may have thought of, for example, as having a “weak hip” is not really that the hip in itself is weak. The weakness expresses a long-standing, uncentered “relationship of centering” within the whole body that has finally collapsed into a certain place in the body - in this case the hip. In order to truly repair the hip, (or the knee or the back or the shoulder or a weak segment within the spine) a new, balanced and expansional "relationship of centering" must occur throughout all the segments of the body. This is what the Movements of Unity In Motion are designed to do. They unify all segments of the skeleton into a synergistic, common center of expansion that results in the true strength of a body in harmony with itself.

You will be aware that as your physical body comes into alignment, becoming supported and directed by the Geometry of Balance, your emotional energy and your thought system also become clear. This is proof that your physical body is not separate from your feeling and your mind, but that all three expressions of your self are reflections of one another. In their sharing of a united sense of balance they become, in fact, enhanced by one another.

As old ways of moving and thinking and feeling melt away, the world will increasingly become for you a meaningful, creative and happy place to live. This is the unity of self that is natural enlightment.