The Movements of Unity In Motion
The Geometry of Universal Balance
The Movements of Unity In Motion are the gift that unites the self to the whole motion that is Universal Balance.
Their learning and practice brings into being the experiential understanding that is the balanced unification of the mental, emotional and physical senses of self.

This design of wholeness is a miracle because it allows each being to discover, through personal unification, the self-revelatory perfection that is the balanced nature of life.

The Movements connect us with the natural geometry that is the unity of life. This geometry is the spatial design of three dimensions that suspends the human body in equilibrated, balanced movement bringing into clarification three forms of understanding and experience that corresponds to the three senses of self.

These forms are: The conceptual understanding of balance, the emotional experience of balance and the physical reality of balance.
The conceptual understanding of balance is brought about by the Movements as they awaken, through their flowing, spiral form, the student’s perception of the Geometry of Balance. As the student becomes connected and united through this geometry, true three dimensions comes into being and with this the balanced, conceptual perception that is the released, naturally expanded nature of mind. This is the mind that corresponds to Universal Balance revealing the understanding that is the nature of whole mind.
The emotional experience of balance is brought about by the actual connections of energy provided by the Movements uniting the student with the Geometry of Balance. It is this unity with the geometry of three dimensions that reinstates the balance of all neurological directions within the body, bringing into being the equal-tensional state of balance that expresses the essential feeling of the body, experiencing the boundless energy of life.
The physical reality of balance is brought about by the bio-mechanical nature of the Movements, that, mirroring the universal geometry of three dimensions, suspends the form of the body, engaging it in the whole unresisted motion that is the balanced movement of life. This is the experience of unity in motion through which the student re-enters in true, physical communion the physical moment of universal creation that is the continual creative renewal of life.
The Study of Unity In Motion
The study consists of the learning of individual Movements, practiced as Five Sections, eventually connected as one seamless design of balanced movement.
Each of the Movements are made up of Connections which are geometrical unions with the Geometry of Balance. As these Connections begin to physically suspend the body in O (zero) Point balance they become united through one constant, flowing Path of Balance.

The Path of Balance becomes the student's moment-to-moment merging with the Geometry of Balance expressing the nature of three-dimensional movement as it becomes suspended by Universal Balance. All of the Movements, Connections and the unifying Paths of Balance have names that reflect their intention. The names serve as a map that enable the student to develop a whole perspective design of unity that embraces the mental, emotional and physical senses of self.

The Movements have a rhythm of 4/4 time with most Connections being united by the Path in four counts. In practicing Unity In Motion a metronome set at 60 beats per minute can be used. The use of a metronome assists in perceiving and moving through an even rhythm so that every frame of movement becomes the equal and proportional gradational unfolding that is the harmonious nature of the Geometry of Balance. This evenness of rhythm and proportional gradational unfolding allows the student to become free from resistant patterns of movement as it engages the balanced relationship between all of the skeletal segments and muscles of the body, expressing the uninterrupted flow of energy that is the existence of balance.

This continuity of flowing energy, as it becomes more and more accurately connected to the geometry that is true three dimensions, releases all sense of stress and structural pain, gradually bringing the student to the natural state of health and presence that is the true experience of unity.

The Five Sections of Unity In Motion
First Section: Geometrical Unity. In the First Section the student learns twenty-two Connections and their uniting Paths of Balance that re-establish the internal, geometrically balanced directions within the body

These geometrical Connections and their united Path begin to re-establish within the student, the mental perception, the energetic feeling and the bio-mechanical physical reality that is true three dimensions as it is centralized by the seven centers that make up self-equilibrium. As the form of the Movements begin to suspend the body in the dynamic spatial freedom that is three-dimensional balance, the united relationship of centering between all of the segments of the body begins to be reinstated

Second Section - Symmetrical Balance. In the Second Section, fifteen new Connections and their uniting Paths further reinstate and redirect all neurological reflexes. As all forms of imbalance within the pattern of movement become transformed by the Geometry of Balance, a new synchronicity of centered interaction is reestablished within the body. Through this increased experience of unity the student becomes more familiar with the actual physical location and function of each of the Seven Centers, beginning to experience them as the source of omni-dimensional expansion.
Third Section - Asymmetrical Balance. In this Third Section the student learns, through thirty-five Connections and their corresponding Path of Balance, the union/relationship between one’s sense of symmetry and asymmetry. These Movements bring a further experience of the unification of the relationship of centering between all of the moving relationships of the skeleton, facilitating a constant unified balanced polarity in which, within every frame of movement, there is a merging union of symmetry and asymmetry. With this new expanded sense of unity within the internal forces of ones’ body, comes the experience of physical strength and coordination that is the natural attribute of balance.
Fourth Section - Geometry of Self. In this Fourth Section, composed of thirty-three Connections and their united Path, the student becomes fully familiar with the united energy of the body as it is now increasingly merged in matching correspondence with the Geometry of Balance. This increased sense of unity facilitates within the student a new subtle form of perception that allows also for a new subtle form of union between the Connections as they become totally united through their corresponding Paths. This is the spiraling, increased perception of unity within one's own sense of self that brings about a deeper understanding of unity between the mental, emotional and physical senses of balance. .
This increased experience of unity of self, coming into being through one's union with the Geometry of Balance, results in a sense of strength and clear perception that brings the realization that every movement of the body, no matter how easy or difficult it may appear, can be effortlessly realized in the three-dimensional, suspended communion that it the natural movement of life
Fifth Section - Engagement With Universal Balance.

In this Fifth Section the student is ready to experience the full support and momentum provided by the geometry, that as a three-dimensional, centralized suspended matrix of movement, reunites the whole system that is the body with Universal Balance. Through this effortless and pleasurable experience of moving freely, the student realizes that the Geometry of Balance, like an all inclusive fountain of life, is the actual doer of the Movements, and that by this embrace of unity one is moved by the natural reality that is the balanced movement of life.

This is a transcendental realization because it allows the student to truly know that physical balance is a whole design of motion that exists as such because it is the actual moment/movement of life. Inside of this design of wholeness, the human being is the living expression of the wholly, unresisted, creative reality that is life. Within this realization comes the final knowing that unity is not an achievement, but one's most essential connection to the infinite, universal design of wholeness that is the unity in motion of life.