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The Principle of Universal Balance

Unity in Motion, The Embodiment of the Principle of Universal Balance

The Movements of Unity In Motion

The Natural Health of Life
Applications of Unity in Motion

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Unity In Motion is the principle of Universal Balance wherein all of creation, from the largest galaxy to the smallest particle of matter, is supported and sustained by a unified field of balanced forces.

Each individual human being, reflecting the consciousness that is Universal Balance, is an intrinsic part of this design.

As we consciously awaken to this perfect design our true nature is revealed as the natural fulfillment that is the health of life.

The Principle of Universal Balance
The universe is a healthy organism. It is united by constant interaction, constant movement, constant change. This unity through movement is the principle of balance by which the universe is naturally harmonized and suspended.
As an intrinsic part of the universe, the personal health of each of us also depends upon a unity of internal and external forces that are dynamically balanced by continuous interaction and change. Through this state of unity in motion we are synchronized with Universal Balance.
Unity In Motion -
The Embodiment of the Principle of Universal Balance
Unity In Motion is a new form of movement designed to embody the principle of Universal Balance. The geometrical, flowing Movements of the study utilize the three-dimensional planes of space existing within the geometry of spherical balance to release all downward, compressive pressure within the spinal column and all segments of the skeleton
Static Balance
Downward pressure within the skeleton has been caused by a static thought system that interpreted balance to be a postural alignment existing within a compressional field of gravity.
Three-Dimensional Balance
True balance is the tensional integrity that, as natural momentum, three-dimensionally suspends the body in motion, balancing gravity with expansion.
It is this merging between gravity and expansion, expressing natural momentum, that is the three dimensional balance of the human body, as it mirrors in natural communion the principle of Universal Balance.
The Movements of Unity In Motion
The Geometry of Universal Balance
The Movements of Unity In Motion reinstate the natural experience of balance. The learning and practice of these gentle Movements unite all forces and directions of the body into the one harmonious, unresisted action that is suspended three-dimensions.

Supported by natural momentum, as it is suspended in its connection to Universal Balance, the physical body becomes free from compression. In this transformation physical pain is released, the thought system becomes clear and the emotional energy becomes naturally balanced.

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Unity In Motion

The Natural Health of Life

By embodying the principle of Universal Balance we awaken to the freshness and wonder of creation.

As we gently and gradually leave behind old patterns of movement, old patterns of thought, old patterns of emotional energy, we free ourselves to live in the love and creative energy of the new moment.

This is the joyful return to our natural state of health. This is our natural return to the balanced movement of life.

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Applications of Unity In Motion


BALANCE. Unity in Motion, as the natural expression of balance, reinstates through its gentle flowing Movements the synchronicity of balanced interaction between the mental, emotional and physical senses of self.

HOLISTIC HEALTH. The embodiment of the natural experience of balance is a form of returning the whole system that is the physical body to its natural state of harmony, a harmony that is, in its essence, holistic health.

THERAPEUTIC MOVEMENT. As the study of Unity in Motion reinstates the unity of balanced interaction between all of the systems of function that make up the human body, the Movements, by the very nature of their balanced three-dimensional form, assist each individual system to come into correspondence with the nature of Balance.

HEALING. Because the natural essence of balance is also the essence of health, as we enter the field of movement that is the balanced nature of life, we experience the exuberant sense of well being that we associate with the act of being healed.

PHYSICAL THERAPY. Because the re-instatement of balance reinstates also the unity between the muscular, neurological and skeletal systems within the whole of the body, the Movements of Unity in Motion facilitate the clear integration that repairs any injury. This repair takes place because the whole system that is the body works together to assist and therefore heal through the energy of balance the particular area of the body that needs rehabilitation.

DANCE. As the natural integration of the mental, emotional and physical senses of self culminates in the nature of unity of Self, this unity is reflected in the self expression of the dance of life. This dance has a whole sense of expression that involves the conceptual, the energetic and the physical expression of life. In the pure level of the physical, the Movements of Unity in Motion are the essence of dance as they awaken within the student the inner understanding of the whole field of energy that is his/her most immediate reflex to life.

PHYSICAL FITNESS. The understanding and the experience of balance re-defines one’s sense of physical fitness as it clarifies the natural balance of muscle or muscle tone as being the natural result of the balanced energy of balance. This energy is a sense of unity that, devoid of compression (pressure of weight) or opposition (structural fixations within the skeletal system) reflects the natural balance that is the unresisted, three-dimensional bio-mechanical movement of the physical body.

CONSCIOUSNESS. The reality of unity within the our physical sense of self is also an integration that expresses the nature of the consciousness through which each of us perceives and experiences the moment to moment reality of our daily lives. When we feel whole, when we feel healthy, realizing that life is an expression of absolute creativity, our surroundings and the world in which we live becomes transformed to our eyes. The world becomes what is; the creative expression of our enlightened self, facilitating the natural enrichment and transformation of our human lives.

THE FLOWER OF LIFE - THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE. The natural experience of balance is not an attainment. It is “the given”, it is our communion with an ever-present principle that is the natural existence of the Unity in Motion that is the Universe. As we become consciously connected with this all encompassing field of balance the Geometry of Balance surfaces within the conceptual understanding of our mind. This is the conceptual understanding and experience of balance that allows us to recognize the field of balance as an all-embracing flower of life that like and infinite fountain of life supports and directs us through the energy that we call life. Our conscious connection to this fountain dispels within our conceptual nature the mystery of balance, allowing us to recognize that balance is “the given”, the universal principle that is the sustaining movement within all celestial existence giving being to our human lives.

NEW AGE. The study of the movements of Unity in Motion, as it clarifies the reality of balance within our human lives, also allows us to understand the meaning of a new consciousness. This is the new consciousness that, in connecting us to an expanded universal reality, also connects us to the greater mind that corresponds to our futuristic evolutionary fulfillment. This is our communion with a field of balance that is also a field of Mind. This balanced field of mind integrates and renews our past evolutionary human experience taking us into a new holographic interpretation of consciousness that is also a totally new design of the form in which we view ourselves in relation to creation and the form in which each of us experiences our individual creative self. Inside of this new design, the New Age is not a disembodied projection of an idealistic vision of life, but the actual reality of Universal Balance awakening within each us the natural perception that is the liberation and integration of our human lives.

PSYCHOLOGICAL BALANCE. In our unity with Universal Balance we are coming into correspondence with the natural feeling that is life. This is the energy of balance that reflects the emotional state of being that is love. In the integration of balance, the unity between mind and body reflects the emotional stability that is self-equilibrium. To try to understand psychological balance without the experience of balance is difficult. This is because balance is the integration of the mental emotional and physical sense of self. And it is in this integration that the emotional experience of balance surfaces as the reality of life. In the facilitation of this integration, the Movements of Unity in Motion are a blessing because, as they reconnect the relationship of centering between all the segments of the skeleton, they also refine the energy that is the self’s physical feeling of life. As the neurological, physical feeling becomes balanced the clarity that arises within the mind is the actual emotional stability that is psychological balance.

WELL BEING. The term well being intends to express the natural feeling of the human self living the life of balance. In the unification of balance (the unification of the three senses of Self) the experience of unity is one of natural happiness and joyful integration with life. This joy and happiness is the direct result of our communion with the creative moment that is Universal Balance. Happiness and joy are the direct expressions of being present with life, giving/receiving as one unified action the natural energy that is the balance nature of life.

MEDITATION. Our being present with the moment and the movement of life is the same as our living within the all encompassing harmony that is the meditation in motion that is life. Through the learning and integration of the movement of unity in motion we discover that the meaning of meditation is actual movement. Meditation is the centralization of the movement that is life. This experience and understanding, frees us because it eventually, brings us to the surface of life. In this experience we understand that Meditation is not a place to go inwardly, or a place to bring the mind to, but the integration between all aspects of our human daily experience, matching in the unification of balance the natural movement of life.

SPIRITUALITY. In our communion with Universal Balance we are reuniting in the meditation in motion that is the balance between the three sense of self. In unity, spirituality is the direct expression of balance, and spirituality is of equal value with our physicality and our conceptual interpretation of life. In unity, we are spiritual beings experiencing the physical reality that is the exalted nature of our human minds. In unity, we are of three equal values, traveling with the universal movement of balance, re-instating as conscious awareness our natural state of being, the ecstasy of life.

SACRED GEOMETRY. The Geometry of Balance has been called sacred because it is that which is absolute. It is that which is, the make up of all physical form as it is reunited with the consciousness that is also its life. The geometry is that which suspends all celestial bodies synchronized into one universal motion. It is that which suspends as 0 (zero) point balance the planet Earth, and it is that which suspends as animated experience the reality that we call our human life. The Geometry of Balance is the essential form of the movements of Unity in Motions integrating all functions within the body into one unressisted, ever-present expression of movement.

YOGA. The Geometry of Balance is the uniting intermediary between the human self and Universal Balance. This is a triune unity in which what is within and what is without becomes synchronized as the movement of life. In unity, this is the essence called Yoga.

This essence is the moving principle inspiring the Movements of Unity in Motion, integrating body, mind and spirit into one united expression matching in balanced movement the whole balanced nature of life.

STRUCTURAL PAIN. The Movements of Unity in Motion, expressing the Geometry of Balance, suspends three-dimensionally the bio-mechanical structure of the body. In this suspension the centralization of gravity is the same as the expansional nature of life. This is the miracle that is balance through which every segment of the skeleton is also suspended in its centralized connection to the whole. In the process of embodying the Movements of Unity in Motion all structural pain becomes understood as being the result of pressure within one's own physical sense of self. As the body's forces of balance become re-instated by the Geometry of Balance, all segments of the skeleton assist to relieve and erase the painful points of pressure that gradually become suspended by the tensional integrity of the whole.

LOWER BACK PAIN. When the physical body is balanced through any form of structural compensation, the curvatures and placements of the vertebrae of the spinal column loose their natural main curvatures. With compensation, the curvature of the lower back, for example, becomes over accentuated or over straightened, creating points of pressure upon the lumbar vertebrae that eventually can develop into stiffness or chronic pain. This chronic pain even though it may be felt in the lumbar area is many times caused by a sense of solidity or lack of expansion within the upper torso, head and arms. As these areas of the body becomes realigned through the suspended nature of the Movements of Unity In Motion, the upper segments of the body liberate the pressure upon the lower, revealing the space and the natural placement of three-dimensionality within the lumbar curvature. Understanding and experiencing this release of structural pain is a form of personal freedom because it allows us to understand that in the unification of balance is also included the natural freedom of movement of our physical self.

NECK PAIN. Just as pain in the lumbar area of movement is many times caused by a compensatory balance occurring within the upper segments of the body, the same is true with neck pain. Because our subconscious sense of self is constantly trying to release us from the sensation of pain, we tend to compensate by holding segments of the skeleton in order not to sense the pressure associated with pain. Thus in compensation, by trying to avoid pain we innocently create chronic pain. Chronic pain, or stiffness within the neck for example, comes from a misunderstanding of balance between the right and left sides of the torso, or a misunderstanding of balance between the structural relationship between the pelvis and legs. Whenever any of this misunderstanding occurs, the body becomes locked because in protecting itself from pain it shortens the natural mobility and freedom of movement that is the actual release from the pain. All of these misunderstandings become natural knowledge as the Movements of Unity in Motion awaken within the student the bio-mechanical perception that is three-dimensional balance.

RELEASE FROM DEPRESSION. Depression is a form of not being able to experience the natural well being that is the reality of balance. It is an emotionally painful experience because the human self suffering from these symptoms feels deprived of the energy needed to sense her/himself as whole. To try to elevate the purpose and reason of the person suffering from depression is difficult because its release is not a matter of mental power or philosophical strength. It is the energy that must come into being in order to unify the mental and the physical senses of self so that the state of emotional depression becomes balanced by natural expansion. The transformation of the energy of the body comes into being by our communion with the Geometry of Balance. As this geometry is experienced, through the Movements of Unity in Motion, the natural forces of the body becomes the natural sense of strength. It is this sense of strength that, as a new form of energy, releases depression connecting the human being with the natural state of exuberance that is balance.

FIBROMYALGIA . Fibromyalgia is a form of depression. It is considered a mysterious ailment that deprives the self from the energy of balance. This deprivation or lack of energy, becomes, with time, chronic in the sense that the less one moves about because of lack of energy the less one feels like moving. For this reason it is very important to gently guide the person suffering from this form of disease to gently awaken the impulse of movement so that little by little, step by step, the reconnection of the muscles begins to express a sense of increased tone which is the same as the new increased sense of energy. This gentle guidance toward the impulse of movement is awakened by the Movements of Unity in Motion as they, expressing the Geometry of Balance, engage and redirect all senses of polarities within the body, gently reinstating the relationship of internal unity that is the expansional strength of balance.

THE HEALTH OF LIFE. One of the most important values within the study of the nature of balance is the personal realization of the meaning of health. When a person is inside of the experience of lacking good health it is a complex situation because the sense of lacking is the same as the energy that corroborates this experience. In this instance it is very important to understand the existence of balance as being "the given" from which we can extract the sense and energy that can repair that which we call disease. In prompting this understanding and experience, the Movements of Unity in Motion are a gift because by connecting us to the Geometry of Balance they infuse us with the energy of balance. This energy is an experientional revitalization of the physical body that prompts within the emotional sensation and the awareness of self, the essential sense of unification that is also the natural strength of balance revealing the natural existence of the health of life.

OUR RETURN TO OUR NATURAL STATE OF BEING. Through the history of our evolutionary sense of self we all somehow have suspected that life was whole and one day we will return to our natural state of being. With time this desire to return to wholeness became a projection into imaginary worlds where we felt we could be free from the boundaries of physical form and therefore experience the natural freedom inherent within our spirit. This sense of separation between the physical and the spirit is dispelled by the reality of balance. In truth, in the reality of balance, the spiritual and the physical are one and the same. They are inseparable in the sense that one could not exist without the other and both are reconciled in the reality of balance. As balance is the blessing that unifies in motion all things as one, it is also the source and fulfillment of our human lives. In Balance, we are all returning to our natural state of being, experiencing our natural participation with creation as the Unity in Motion that is life.

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To be held at the Rosslyn Farms Community Center

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Universal Balance: The New Conscious of Life by Michael Cristiam Nebadon. Cristiam writes about this book: "This is a detailed expression of the evolutionary nature of our human consciousness and the gradual transformative understanding that culminated in the merging of our human sense of existence with The New Consciousness of Life. This account of the transposition of consciousness from evolution to Creation is extraordinarily helpful because it allows us to have a full recognition of all past experiences as they have finally brought ourhuman consciousness to the New Reality thatis Universal Balance. This book gives us a full understanding of The New Consciousness as it brings a whole new vision of our human expression as it is now fully engaged in the ecstasy of Life." $25

Words of the Kingdon: The Natural Expression that is the Sound of Love by Michael Cristiam Nebadon: Cristiam writes about this book: "This is a dictionary giving new, holistic definitions to the words we use, allowing the mind to open to the reality of The New Consciousness that is Universal Balance. During the time that I was receiving and learning to be with The New Consciousness of Life, it became evident that many words existing within the evolutionary unfolding of our human life could not express the Absolute Reality that is The New Consciousness. I began to understand that our language was part of - and indeed the same as - our evolutionary unfolding. Therefore the words we spoke, being but a mirror image of our unfolding, could not match the immediacy that was the act of being fully connected - as pure expression - with that which is The Universal Balance of Life. It was inside of this realization that The Words of the Kingdom came into being. I had an essential need to re-define words and terms in order to transpose my evolutionary sense of perception into the new sense that expressed through "The Word", the reality of traveling as Unity In Motion with the Eternal Moment that is The Universal Balance of Life." $25.

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